Our Work

Project Know It All is a parish wide effort to keep teens from consuming alcohol. Our goal is to create awareness amonst the youth of our parish on the deadly and longterm effects alcohol can have.

 Here is a very sobering fact for us all to consider.  In 2006, underage drinking cost the nation $61.9 billion dollars - over $1.1 billion to Louisiana alone.  Those numbers are on the rise year after year.

 The problem of underage drinking does not discriminate; it's everyone's problem.  Our children are faced with many temptations and peer pressure is very powerful.  The Calcasieu Caring Community Survey 2008 showed that our youth are starting to drink as early as age 11.  This is why it's so urgent and important for you, our business leaders, to use your voices to help with community awareness.  Parents and adults need to develop the attitude that underage drinking is not inevitable, it is preventable.

Our youth are 25% of our population, but they are 100% of our future.

Studies show that kids who drink alcohol before age 15 are four times more likely to have addiction problems.  Studies also show that the brain develops until one is in his/her early 20's, and at an accelerated rate, much like a child at ages 1-3 years.  If alcohol is used during this time, it can cause permanent damage to memory, and it could affect the developmental part of the brain causing learning disabilities.  This directly affects children that are our future work force.

 Our enforcement and community awareness implementations are slated to begin January 1, 2010, throughout Calcasieu Parish.  The planned strategies include triple the amount of DUI Checkpoints, triple the amount of compliance checks, and "party patrol intervention" to enforce Louisiana's alcohol laws.  We will also be launching an extensive media campaign including many community awareness events. 

 This program gives Calcasieu Parish a chance to change cultural norms and make a positive change in the future and health of our children.  We will need public sponsor support from our business leaders to accomplish this challenging goal.  Please join our coummunity if you would like to be a part of "Project KNOW" underage drinking. 

"It takes a village ..."